This report outlines the results of Healthify’s client surveys.  The survey will help to present evidence of how Healthify’s corporate massage program has had a positive impact on the staff members and hence overall business.


The main objective of this survey is to gather information on the different known aspects and benefits of corporate massage and in context how/what role they play with its marked effects in a business and its employees.  These include:

-What direct impact the massage treatments have on the participants;

-Actions that are taken by participants to improve their health related after their massage treatment;

-Perception of participants in terms of the benefits received by their treatment;

-Comparative of popularity and benefits of different workplace activities with corporate massage.

-Level of satisfaction of service received.


Healthify believes in evidence based methods and believed it was important and beneficial to understand how their service is impacting their clients.  Very few studies have been completed specifically on corporate massage and most of it is outdated.  All the service providers in the industry are using the same generic claims that are actually not directly applicable to their service because the treatments provided may differ from the ones from the study.  The only way to have certainty on how Healthify’s treatments make a difference to its clients was to conduct an in-house survey.  The survey would focus on three aspects:

-The participant’s observation of how the treatment impacted their bodies;

-The participant’s observed changes after the implementation of the corporate massage program; and

-The participant’s perception of the program within the business.

Results in Brief

The results of the survey are very strongly indicate that corporate massage can make a real impact and significant contribution on the employee’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.  The three core takings and insights of the study are the following:


  • There is a major difference in the participant’s overall feeling pre and post massage which can clearly demonstrate certain benefits of corporate massage such as an increase in productivity.
  • Corporate massage is one of the most popular activities in the workplace and has a positive impact on its employees. This generates a positive image for the company and makes the employees feel like they are cared for which then positively influence their quality of work.
  • A majority of participants have started to gain an interest and learn about their own health and wellbeing since the implementation of the corporate massage program. More importantly, they have taken concrete steps to improve their health and wellbeing both at work and at home.

The Results

The how include: the link between stress and muscle tension, be more aware of posture at work and at home, identify the tense muscle and apply appropriate stretches, ask questions about my pain and understand its source, how exercise can help me and how everything is connected, better awareness of areas of tension to address with self massage between sessions, visit a professional to address my musculoskeletal issues, ergonomic knowledge, better understanding of the muscular system, and postural and self massage tricks.

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