Healthify’s 2018 Client Survey Results

This report outlines the results of Healthify’s client surveys.  The survey will help to present evidence of how Healthify's corporate massage program has had a positive impact on the staff members and hence overall business. Objectives The main objective of this...

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Suffering from headaches? Fight back naturally!

  We all have experienced having a headache and know how debilitating it can be. A headache is a condition of mild to severe pain in the head. It can also attack our upper back or neck. There are different types of headaches, but the majority of headaches are...

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How to win at productivity and get more out of life

  These days with modern technology, an abundance of knowledge, and a greater understanding of how the body works; we should all be functioning at the highest of our capabilities. And yet employees are working longer hours, athletes are training harder than ever,...

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The Computer Mouse: Ally or Enemy?

As we become more dependent on technology, we find ourselves frequently using computers to manage work responsibilities and day- to- day activities. While mobile devices may have supplanted the personal computer as the primary source of online traffic, it still...

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The 3-step guide to reduce muscle tension at work

Just spent the last 10 hours working on a document that was due yesterday? You can feel your muscles in your neck pulling on your skull, resulting in a pounding headache and let’s not even talk about your shoulders feeling like concrete. Muscle tension is a painful...

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9 Effective Ways to Kick Workplace Stress to the Curb

Unless you quit your job and move to a deserted island, stress will remain a part of your work life.  It doesn’t matter what position you hold or the size of your bank account; if you work you will get stressed. It comes along with having responsibilities and tasks...

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