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verb. : To increase the health potential of an individual, affecting positively every aspect of it’s life, causing massive improvements in productivity, creativity, stress levels, performance and generating newfound feelings of wellbeing. Side effects observed have varied from extreme happiness to amazing achievements.

Our Story

Healthify was born from a passion and drive to restore good health to businesses across Melbourne. Traveling from office to office, we hear your stories and work tirelessly to adapt our offers to your needs. Because at Healthify, we are more than massage therapists, we are confidants, winging buddies, advisors, coaches and sometimes even the bad guys (yes, when the massage is over, we know you hate us for sending you back to work!)

Our values have really tied our Healthify family together as a business, but also as empowered individuals who thrive to succeed in their careers. These values represent who we are and if you feel you can relate, then we can help your business feel energised and ready to achieve its goals.

 Our Unique Values

Satisfying everyone is impossible they say, but we believe you should never quit trying.

Passion is our internal fire always driving us one step ahead.

Constantly seeking innovation and education is what makes us experts, passing it along to our clients is good for our karma.

Massage therapy brought us together; our caring nature keeps us together.

Feel like we are on the same page

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