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We believe organising sporting event massage should be a stress free experience.  Give us a call or send us an email with your requirements and we will send you some tailored options.

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Our team of qualified professional therapists will come and work their magic to delight your crowd.

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Organising or sponsoring a sporting event? Stand out from the crowd by including one of our sporting event massage programs.

Sporting event massage programs are specialized to offer high quality treatments in a short amounts of time.  These massages can be used in all kind of sporting events and are sure to generate loads of benefits for your brand.  The sport massages can be performed on a massage chair for low key sporting activities to promote relaxation for a focused mind whilst table massages are designed for high intensity activities to help athletes physically prepare to avoid injuries and recover by decreasing muscle aches and fatigue.

Increase brand perception

Increase positive brand perceptions and be known as the brand that supports its employees.

Create a memorable brand

Make an impact. Be remembered for being the business that knows how to look after people.

Big returns

For a small investment, you get a big return. Employee and client wellbeing!

Create brand loyalty

Show them the love! Participating in community wellbeing increases brand loyalty.

What sporting events can benefit from event massage?


Golf tournament


Sporting competitions


Office sporting day




Sporting competitions


Fun runs

Why we believe in sporting event massage programs

Faster Recovery

Shorten muscle recovery time, reduce spasms, break down scar tissue, improve muscle elasticity, and get lactic acid and  other waste products out of the system faster following an event.

Better Performance

Help with problematic areas during the event to enhance the athlete’s performance.

Focused Athletes

Relax the body and mind for better focus and confidence during competition, and relieve stress and anxiety post-event.

Fewer Injuries

Increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury prior and post a performance by stimulating the flow of nutrients and blood to muscles.

Planning Your Next Sporting Event?

Let’s work together to make your next event a success. We can tailor a cost effective package to meet your requirements.

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