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We believe organising event massage should be a stress free experience.  Give us a call or send us an email with your requirements and we will send you some tailored options.

We deliver an outstanding experience

Our team of qualified professional therapists will come and work their magic to delight your crowd.

Feel the love

Your brand will generate a positive image.

How can event massage help your brand?

Event massage is a creative and cost effective marketing tool to stimulate curiosity, desire and attraction at your event. It can be used in a variety of clever ways and events to give your visitor a quick boost of “feeling good” as well as showing that you care.  We can be branded to you and learn the basics about your product/service so we can help with the sweet talk on top of delivering a top massage that will be certain to make your brand memorable.

Create valuable connections

Event massage facilitates connections by attracting the masses directly to you instead of your competitors.  Event massage is a great tool to make your brand stand out.


Generate more leads

Turn attendees into leads, with a compelling reason to engage with your brand.



Stand out from the crowd

Event massage will place you one step ahead of your competitors at expos and trade shows. Be remembered as the business that cares!


Generate interest

Generate interest in your brand and use massage as the perfect conversation starter.



What business events can benefit from event massage?




Corporate parties


Team building events






Product launches

Why we believe in business events massage programs

Unique experience

Create a unique experience for your guest and be amazed by the return

Long lasting impact

Have a long lasting positive impact on your guest’s wellbeing and generate good feelings that can be associated to your brand

Transform your guests

Delight and revitalise your guests

Planning Your Next Business Event?

Let’s work together to make your next event a success. We can tailor a cost effective package to meet your requirements.

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