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We believe organising corporate massage should be a stress free experience.  Give us a call or send us an email with your requirements and we will send you some tailored options.

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Our team of qualified professional therapists will come and work their magic on your team.

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Your team will love you for taking care of them and you will observe an increase in morale and productivity.

How does Corporate Massage concretely impact your staff?

Express pain and stress relief

Corporate massage is a quick, yet effective solution for neck and shoulder pain, giving employees some much needed relief. Your team gets treated to a bit of pampering without any major interruptions to the workday. By the end of the day, even the largest of work teams are feeling relaxed, at ease and free of neck and shoulder tension.

Stress Killer

They call stress a silent killer for a reason–chronic stress has a toxic effect, both on the body and spirit, affecting any workplace. Corporate massage provides instant stress relief through a series of movements that promote deep relaxation. After the experience, employees will return to their desks feeling renewed, reinvigorated and ready to tackle their work. Offering sessions on a regular basis can positively contribute to occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Spirit Booster

Does it seem like by the afternoon, your team has been transformed into zombies? If a lack of energy is sapping your team of productivity and efficiency, corporate massage is the perfect way to give your employees a pleasant wake‐up call! Those afternoon zombies and yawning faces will be replaced with bright eyes and unstoppable energy to break productivity records.

Body Fixer

Checking emails. Completing forms. Answering phones. Typing reports-they’re all beneficial for your business, but not so great for your employees’ bodies! Poor posture and hunching over a desk for hours can lead to pain in many key areas of the body, but corporate massage techniques can undo the effects of hours of sitting. These advanced techniques are targeted at areas where office workers are most likely to develop stiffness and pain. By the end of the sessions, your team will be feeling brand new and ready to tackle anything.

 Why we believe in Corporate massage programs

Reduce stress

53% of australian employees often feel overwhelmed with stress costing businesses $200b per year.

High returns

ROI of 3.41:1 for every $ invested in wellness initiatives.

Reduce pain

67% of office workers have felt physical pain at work in the last 6 months.

Increase productivity

Healthy employees are up to 3X more productive than unhealthy ones.

Increase engagement

48% more staff engagement when employee health and wellbeing is managed well.


Massage increases blood circulation which provides oxygen to the brain for better focus and alertness.

We believe in a simple pricing structure

Special Treat - Once Off

  • Perfect for a wellness event or a special treat for your staff
  • Bookings are a minimum of 3 hours

Quick Fix - Short booking

  • Minimum of 2 hours
  • For bookings of less than 3 hours

*Prices  are  exclusive  of  GST.  Weekends  and  after  hour  surcharge  applies.

About your booking

 All bookings include: full support with organising your booking and communications with staff, a specialised massage chair, relaxing music, light aromatherapy and the best massage techniques.




 In the case of large organisations, we can also provide desk-to-desk massage for maximum efficiency.




 Discounts may apply to your booking(s) according to the amount of days/therapists are required!

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