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   No boring routines, only targeted treatments delivered by fully qualified and experienced therapists for better results!

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   Healthier and happier staff guaranteed!

“The team at Healthify are incredible.  They are amazing at what they do.  They build great rapport and trust with our staff and most importantly, the massages are awesome.”

Michael Ellis, Head of Culture at Vinomofo

The best Corporate and Event Massage Therapists in Melbourne

Passionate about helping businesses get happier and more productive staff!

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage that brings your business real results in employee engagement and motivation.

Events Massage

Event Massage is a great lead generation strategy and creates a positive brand image.

Are You Looking to Give Your Business a Boost?

The benefits of working with Healthify are far reaching for your business. Find out just what a difference it can make.

business and event massage to boost staff productivity

The HEALTHIFY difference

Our passion is corporate health and wellbeing and we want to bring back health to each and every employee in your business.

Yes, we are ambitious! But we believe that the high quality of our services can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

Healthify is your ideal corporate health management partner. We are dedicated to increasing wellness, decreasing stress and helping you get more out of your staff. We have developed unique and powerful massage techniques that applied to even the smallest treatment, can have a powerful impact on the most commonly tensed muscles encountered in office workers.  Give us a try and feel the Healthify difference for yourself! But first, take our test to see how healthy is your office.

Did you know?

Workplace health and wellness programs can have positive effects on productivity, absenteeism, morale and OH&S.  That’s why we believe that corporate massage can have multiple benefits for a businesses like yours by helping your staff feel better and work better.



Employees feel overwhelmed with stress and pressure most of the time - costing Australian business $200 billion annually.


Of Australian have felt pain at work in the last 6 months.


More engagement from employees who manage health and wellbeing effectively.


Growth in self reported creativity when health and wellbeing is well managed.

What Our Clients Say About Us

When Nancy came to our office, all our staff were delighted with the little surprise we arranged to show them how much we appreciate their hard work.

Nancy brought her own Massage chair which made it easy for our staff to enjoy a massage in the office. I had never thought that in 20 minutes I could feel so refreshed. All our staff were really happy. Overall 12 out of 10. We highly recommended!

Eric Tjandra

Director , Brightannica

Why You’ll Love Us

We work with you

We will make sure we work hand in hand to ensure you get the maximum results from your package.

We actually make a difference

We know and love what we do – and it shows! You will see and hear first hand how positively corporate massage will impact your workplace.

We are passionate about your health

Because we love what we do, we will do everything to treat, advise and refer you at the best level possible.

We are the best at what we do

That’s what we hear all the time! We work hard, go above and beyond, and tirelessly strive to be the best.

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